Welcome to the WSA 2013/2014 Season


Welcome to the 52nd season of WSA! We are stoked to have you and your family compete in the WSA Championship Tour, the oldest and largest surfing organization on the West Coast. We are pleased to announce that we are again holding membership prices to last years’ levels, with a small pass through of the registration system processing fees!  You must register as a NEW USER.  All account information from last year has been cleared from the system.  Each participant must register separately, i.e., if you are registering yourself and your child, you will need to go through the registration process for yourself, then go through the registration process again for your child.  Here are a few tips and explanations before you get started:

Events will be two days in duration.  We will do our best to keep with this schedule and if it changes you will have the opportunity to receive a refund for events not yet surfed.  Here is division schedule for 2013/2014

Saturday –

Boys Shortboard Under 18

Boys Shortboard Under 16

Girls Shortboard Under 18 (this is a change from last season)

Jr. Longboard Under 18

Girls Longboard Under 18

Boys Longboard U14

Girls Longboard U14

Open Women’s Longboard (Girls or women any age can surf this division.  Those 18 and older in this division may qualify for USA Championships)

Open Men’s Longboard 18+ (Boys or men any age can surf this division.  Those 18 and older in this division may qualify for USA Championships)

Senior Men’s Longboard 40+

Open Women’s Shortboard (New division.  Girls or women any age can surf this division.  Those 18 and older in this division may qualify for USA Championships)

Men’s 18 – 29 Shortboard

Master’s 30 – 39 Shortboard

Senior Men’s 40 – 49 Shortboard

Legend’s 50 + Shortboard

Adaptive Stand-Up Division

Adaptive Other Division

All Longboard heats will run contiguously from start through final in the same area with the same judging panel.  This will help insure that our panel of predominantly ASP judges will be able to calibrate their judging specifically to longboarding without have to bounce back and forth between longboard and shortboard divisions.

Sunday –

All Girls Under 16 and younger shortboard divisions (Girls U18 will surf on Saturday)

All Boys Under 14 and younger shortboard divisions

All Micro Grom Divisions

When you go to register as a new user you will be sent to the participant information page. This should be the information of the person who is competing in the event.

WSA/Surfing America membership is required for each participant, and all 2012/2013 season memberships are expired. Membership includes a competitors T-shirt, WSA full membership and Surfing America full membership and a competitors long sleeve T-shirt. The competitors T-shirt will be available at the first 3 events. Make sure to get yours early so you are guaranteed to get the size you want. The long sleeve t-shirt will be available at the December contest only.

Once accepted the system will determine what divisions your participant’s sex and age (as of 1/1/2014) will be eligible to surf. It will offer to bulk enter which means you are purchasing entry in that division for all 9 regular season events. This option saves 10% and the service fees you would pay if you ordered each event separately. Once you bulk enter a participant in a division, do not go through and enter them individually in each event. Bulk entry does not include membership or entry in West Coast Championships or Surfing America USA Championships. Make sure you read the WSA rulebook to determine which divisions will qualify you into the USA Championships and which divisions qualify you into Surfing America Prime. If you are a Surfing America Prime surfer it is recommended you also surf your age division to re-qualify for Prime in 2014/2015 if you are not sure you will be in the top 50% that retains their Prime Slots for the following year.

If you are ready to securely register for a great season of fun, family oriented competition, just click below. If you have any problems email and we will help you out ASAP. Tell us what you are trying to do and where you hit a snag or had a question.


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