Cyrus Sutton Shares the Secrets to Cross-Stepping on a Longboard
Style points, for sure.

Reading waves well is a major competition requirement. Even the top surfers in the World show up to event locations early to figure out this art!

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How to read waves
How do waves break? How will a wave break? Whether you’re a beginner,…

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#SYC closing soon! Great event @visitoceanside North Harbor Jetty for youth 20 and under. Man on man from the 1/4s. Enter now or you will miss out. Entry forms @surfride @theprivateercoalfirepizza @chemistrysurfboards @raen @brixton @nixon_now Or on the events page of

What a cool wave…

Mikey Brennan in ‘Hide and Seek.’Feels good, don’t it.(Footage: Stu Gibson Photography)

Hurricane Marie is now a Category 5, not since Celia in 2010 have we seen this!!!

This is a great post surf exercise that only takes 4 minutes.

Surf Better in 4 Minutes a Day
The uncomfortable edges of the healthy movement spectrum are avoidable, preventable, fixable, and often unnecessary.

Awesome video on the Mel Family. John Sr. was a competitor and involved with WSA Santa Cruz district for many years. Pete got his start competing in WSA and John Jr. also cut his competition teeth in WSA. Check it out!

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WOW! Is all we can say about this next week of waves on the West Coast! Lowell is in full force now, and will be combining with a new Southern Hemi this weekend and next swell is a possible Cat 2 Hurricane Marie Enjoy…

Name this Rockstar from the 2010 WSA Season. Winner gets a box of @kindsnacks

Who can name this ripper from the 2010 WSA season? A box of @kindsnacks to the first to identify him. #championsstarthere