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Happy Easter from the WSA! Hope you find a barrel today…

This incredible girl has a new book coming out.

Check out this video as I share about my new book #body&soul; Don’t forget to Pre-order your copy today!

Looks like fun!

Surfer Makes The Best of Flood | Ocean/River Hybrid Surfing
These Hawaiians don’t let flooding keep them down… they bust out their boards and ride. AWESOME. Not seeing all our posts? Subscribe on YouTube:

First thing someone that doesn’t surf asks you if you surf, “aren’t you afraid of sharks?” No, and here is why.

These Things Kill More People Than Sharks
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Happy Easter! Watch this @ Noon on Sunday…

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4/20 on @… #MargiesPro

5 Yoga Poses Every Surfer Should Know
An introduction to yoga for surfing – the top 5 poses to sort your alignment

Timeline Photos
Earth Day is next Tuesday, April 22, and the spirit of the day is especially strong for Surfrider! Check out what family-friendly events your local Surfrider chapter may be holding this weekend and get involved. — with SporlederArt.

Check out WSAs Nick Anderberg

Cardiff Longboarder’s Star On the Rise
CARDIFF-The San Dieguito Academy longboard team swept this year’s Scholastic Surf Series State Championships, led by seventeen year-old Nick Anderberg, who also won the individual state title “It was sick to…

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This is a great opportunity to enjoy a supervised Costa Rica surf trip and to get some excellent coaching by Erik Krammer

Announcing a New Surf Camp for Teens!

This is awesome…

James Dyson Is Designing A Giant Vacuum-On-A-Boat To Clean Ocean Trash
James Dyson invented the best vacuum cleaners. Now, with the M.V. Recyclone barge, he’s applying the same ideas to sucking up plastic pollution from…